About Our Firm

H.P. Capital Investments, Inc. is a family owned and operated real estate acquisition and investment firm. We treat our exclusive clients like family. We work with an efficient and highly qualified team of experts specializing in property analysis, due diligence and the structuring of acquisitions.
Over the past 46 years, H.P. Capital Investments, Inc. and its associates have procured a network of affluent private investors who fund our purchases. Hence we do not need to waste valuable time going through the red tape of conventional bank financing. We call this “On Demand Funding”.

HP Capital has provided guidance and educated investors on how to invest and earn a solid ROI in the fluctuating California real estate market. There are many benefits of investing in income properties such as creating monthly cash flow, strategic leverage, tax write-offs, built in equity, future appreciation, creating long term wealth and retirement planning. With 46  years of experience our unique Team consists of a Portfolio Analyst, Sales Director, Marketing Assistant, Transaction Coordinator, Director of Operations and Customer Service Representatives. You can rest assure you will be well taken care of.

What We Offer Sellers

What We Offer Investors

We Purchase Properties Such As

Apartment Buildings

We focus in our local pocket. Yet we are open to other markets.

Commercial Properties

Generally we look to create office suites, yet we are open to opportunistic investments.

How Big Can We Go?

$1 Million - $25 Million

We are generally interested in purchasing properties from $1M to $25M yet all properties will be considered regardless of size. Smaller projects will be considered on a case by case basis.