Our Syndication Investors have experienced annual returns of 4% and up to 25%.

Real Estate Syndication gives our clients the opportunity to have access to excellent investments with much stronger purchasing power and hassle free ownership. All of the “Day to Day Operations” from due diligence, financing, acquisition, management, repositioning and disposition are taken care of by our seasoned team of experts.

Most clients simply do not have the time to conduct thorough due diligence, analyze, research and underwrite hundreds of properties to find a hidden gem. Not to mention the huge amount of time required for remodeling and property management. However by getting involved in our syndications, our clients have access to solid investments and the opportunity to invest without the hassles of property management or project management. HP Capital Investments offers Syndication opportunities in Apartment Buildings and Commercial Properties (e.g. Offices, Motels, Strip Malls, Parking Lots, etc.)

Who is involved in Real Estate Syndication?

The syndicator plays a major role in forming the syndication. At HP Capital Investments, our President, Broker and Accredited Investor Mr. Hector Padilla, has many years of experience as an investor, principal and broker. Hence he plays a critical part and is in charge of leading our team in finding, acquiring, conducting due diligence, underwriting, remodeling and managing the property.

While our exclusive clients are the capital investors, our investors get all the benefit of property ownership, but they are not burdened with the above mentioned.

Advantages of investing in our Syndications

Syndications offer significant benefits such as access to industry experts, equity buildup, monthly cash flow, stronger purchasing power, tax benefits, diversification, reduction in debt, and cash reserves. The properties will be analyzed by our professional acquisition analysts to ensure solid investment. As your Syndicator, our superior qualifications and experience offers numerous benefits including lucrative and creative financing strategies and managing properties to achieve maximum returns and minimize risk. Profits are distributed on a monthly basis.

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