Why Us?




H.P. Capital Investments, Inc. (HPC) is a family owned and operated real estate acquisition and investment firm with over 46 years of experience. We have a highly qualified team of experts specializing in property analysis, due diligence, structuring of acquisitions, rehabbing and property management. With over 46 years of experience, our unique team consists of a President and CEO, Senior Advisor, Vice President of Acquisitions, Legal Counsel, Analyst, Sales & Leasing Director, Operations Director, Acquisition Agents, Senior Project Manager and Accountant. Our firm invests in properties valued at $1M to $25M. NOTE: Properties not meeting this parameter will be evaluated and considered on a case by case basis.


Our Company Philosophy

The Padilla Family has been investing in real estate for over 46 years. HP Capital Investments was established in 2002, founded by Mr. Hector Padilla, President and CEO. He had the vision of establishing a boutique investment firm that offered affluent investors and clients custom tailored services. Our company philosophy is simple yet profound: our mission is to provide exceptional service to our clients and community while making them feel like family.

The word integrity, ethics and karma are not taken lightly at HP Capital Investments, Inc. Our team has a holistic mindset when interacting with our clients as we believe that integrity translates to “honesty with good intention”. Time proven wisdom has taught us that there is a system of cause and effect in the Universe. We take it a notch further, by not only acknowledging and deeply believing in it, but also by implementing it. Good energy, appreciation and respect are highly praised in our office and with our investors. We believe, the happier our team, the stronger the synergy, the better we can serve our clients & community. As the saying goes: “What you sow you shall reap,”. We work diligently with our clients as a TEAM to achieve a common goal.

Our Team at HP Capital Investments is committed to providing extraordinary service and unconventional solutions for our clients. Even after a closed transactions, we continue to stay in touch with our clients and treat them like family. Call us today at (424) 237-1768 or email us at info@hpcinvestments.com

Meet The Team

Mr. Hector Padilla, President and CEO

The family business was incorporated by Mr. Padilla, President & CEO in 2002. The Padilla family has been investing in real estate for over 46 years. Mr. Padilla has been a principal investor in commercial property, luxury homes, motels, apartment buildings and commercial land. As a principal, Mr. Padilla has closed on over $100,000,000 worth of real estate. Mr. Padilla has strong credentials (i.e. Licensed Real Estate Broker, Accredited Investors, Proven Syndicator, Professional Speaker, Real Estate Columnist, and Degree in Business Administration). Mr. Padilla carefully monitors economic trends in the local markets.

Mr. Salvador Padilla, Senior Advisor

Mr. Padilla has 50 years of entrepreneurial experience in spearheading startup companies, over 21 years of Corporate experience in a leadership position with a National Company with over 300 employees. Mr. Padilla also has 46 years of experience with Real Estate Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Investments.


​Mr. Ryan Carney, Vice President of Acquisitions

Ryan started his real estate career in Philadelphia & worked his way up to closing multimillion dollar apartment buildings valued at up to $32M.
Ryan has assisted affluent and accredited investors restructure debt and reinvest in real estate. Ryan’s true passion is in real estate acquisitions and investments. Hence he joined HPC and earned the title of Vice President.

Mr. Jacques R. Behar, Accountant and Advisor

Mr. Behar graduated from Beverly Hills High School and earned his Business degree from California State University, Northridge. He is currently enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He has over 45 years of experience in all aspects of tax preparation, governmental audits, accounting, audit preparation and forensic audits. Over the last four decades, he has worked for national firms with over $20M in yearly revenue. Mr. Behar is a trusted advisor to HP Capital Investments, Inc. and currently sits on three nonprofit Boards of Trustees.

Patty Padilla, Operations Director

Mrs. Padilla handles Operations, Accounting & Property Management. Mrs. Padilla was formerly employed by a National Real Estate Company before joining HPC. She has over 24 years of experience. She has repositioned and managed apartment buildings with up to 100 units. Her passion is being a dedicated mother & wife.

Adrian Torres, Director of Acquisitions & Dispositions

Mr. Torres has been in the real estate industry for 20 years. He is responsible for the acquisitions and dispositions of our assets. He is also involved in new client and investor relations. Mr. Torres is simply a down to earth guy that enjoys life to its fullest.

Randy Marin, Senior Acquisitions Agent and Project Manager

Randy has been in the Real Estate business since 2001 & is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate. He has over 20 years of experience in finding, qualifying & underwriting projects. He also has a deep understanding in completing due diligence on real estate investments. As a Project Manager he is responsible for overseeing the Day to Day Rehabbing & Operations to assure projects are completed on time. Out of work he enjoys spending time with his two daughters, wife and family.

Benedict Garcia, Senior Acquisitions Agent & Business Development

A Los Angeles native, Benedict is known as Benny by his family, friends and colleagues. His focus is in locating projects and is also responsible for business development and client relations.


Levi Wohl, Acquisitions Agent

Levi is a Los Angeles native. His expertise is in the analysis of apartment buildings, mix used property, commercial property and structuring acquisitions and joint ventures. He is also responsible for private client relations and new business development. Levi is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate.


We got our start as a grass roots family owned business. We continue to take pride in treating our exclusive clients like family and providing a hassle free sale. This is the difference you will experience by entrusting us versus a large Fortune 500 company.



With over 82 years of combined experience you can rest assure you will be well taken care of. For a complimentary consultation please email us today at info@hpcinvestments.com

How Big Can We Go?

$1 Million - $25 Million

We are generally interested in purchasing properties from $1M to $25M yet all properties will be considered regardless of size. Smaller projects will be considered on a case by case basis.