Mentorship With Mr. Padilla

Meet Your Chairman...

Hector Padilla has mentored over 2,000 students. Many of his mentee’s have gone on to open firms of their own, and become the successful entrepreneurs they always wanted to be. 

If you are tired of B.S. Seminars, Get Rich Quick Scams and RA RA Events while you sit in an auditorium with thousands of people, then you may want to consider applying to be 1 of 7 students that Mr Padilla will personally mentor.
Mr. Padilla’s “1 on 1 Mentoring” is tailored to serious investors who are seeking extreme accountability in order to take their business to “The Next Level” and create exponential growth. To receive an application to become 1 of 7 students that Mr. Padilla will personally Mentor per year, email us at We will also send you more information on the cost of our 3 levels of Mentorship and Advisory programs. This will be the best investment of your life. You can count on it. Only serious investors need apply. Now taking application for 2021.

Ready To Bring Your Business To The Next Level?